The pictures above are from some of our recent jobs.  Far too often, we run into a roof with two or more layers of paper.  This is the most common error made by roofing companies.  All paper and nails need to be removed every time you replace your roof. Why?

1) There's no way to detect bad sheathing unless the paper is removed.  

Bad sheathing can lead to future leaks because nails will not connect securely to the bad wood.  This can leave a weak spot for water to make it's way in.  It also leaves shingles vulnerable to blow off with wind.

2) When roofing crews pound in old nails instead of properly removing them all, you are left again with an unstable foundation for nailing new shingles on.  The new nails could hit old nails and fail to attach securely to the sheating.  Hitting an old nail will also tear the paper and damage the shingle.

The picture on the left shows a crew applying new paper over the old paper.  The picture on the right shows how Sanders Construction, Inc. correctly removes all old paper and nails before applying the new paper.  You should see bare sheathing when your roof is being replaced.